How to save on CRMs and Automation tools like Hubspot, Mailchimp and more

by Jane Garrod (UK Office) March 11th, 2024.

Ah, the enigma of HubSpot pricing – a riddle wrapped in a mystery, smothered in data. Ever find yourself pondering what on earth other businesses are shelling out for HubSpot? Or perhaps you’re just itching for some negotiating ammo to bring to the bargaining table? 

Fear not, for we’ve embarked on a journey into the wild world of HubSpot pricing, armed with data from over 100 UK companies who, like savvy bill-saving warriors, have graced the The Buyers Network platform with their presence.

Prepare to be dazzled as we unveil the secrets of HubSpot’s core products and the discounts that have been wrangled from the jaws of full price by TBN.

Drumroll, please!


HubSpot Marketing Products:

At The Buyers Network we are avid fans of email with amazing ROI. So let’s start with the basics – the rack or standard pricing for HubSpot Marketing:

Rack or standard pricing for HubSpot Marketing is as follows:
  • Marketing Hub Starter – £42 per Month for 1,000 contacts
  • Marketing Hub Professional – £655 per month for 1,000 contacts , £728.69 for 2,000 contacts per month
  • Marketing Hub Enterprise –  £2624 per month for 10,000 contacts

A user can then add extra things line additional contacts etc.

So how much are businesses actually paying for HubSpot? 

From our registered users, our data shows a clear pattern to pricing and discounting by HubSpot which cuts across both the sales and marketing products.  This can now be available to you !

HubSpot discounts are generally applied equally across all the subscriptions a business has. In a small number of cases where businesses take both the sales and marketing packages, they are given slightly different discounts on each.

Approximately 17% of HubSpot customers are paying full list price for their subscriptions.

At the other end, 15% of customers are paying exactly 10% of the list price.

So do you think you deserve a discount on Hubspot or your current CRM?

Of course you do right?

Our analysis came from 100 TBN clients in the UK’s data that currently use Hubspot. These savings are real and available to you now ! But only if you form a Team on TBN so you have strength in numbers. 

So we’ve just done that ! It doesn’t matter which platform you currently use, we are going to a deal with any or all of the platforms for you. Of course the more on the same platform the better the bargaining position, but this Team is worth it and only a $5 Joining Fee, so share the link to this article.

We hope you have a great year and be sure to check back on our Blog articles and latest Teams to improve your cash flow.

Jane & the Team.

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