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Join other Businesses in a Team or start your own and save a bundle

Do you want to learn how you can save a bundle by joining with other business owners and buy supplies as a Team?

Then take 2 minutes for yourself and watch the video WATCH below.

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What some Team Buying Club members say...

Have you ever tried to negotiate with a pesky Indian Electricity Salesman? Believe me I've tried. We joined a 150 strong Team on TBC and our Factory rates are back like they were 5 years ago. That seriously does impact the bottom line for us. Well done.
David Dodd
GM Sandown Air-conditioning
Our multi-practice Medical Clinics have literally saved over $35,000 in the last 12 months by joining some Teams on TBC. Its easy, quick, and guaranteed. And no membership fees either. I recommend TBC to my business associates always.
Deepti Saraf
Practice Manager - Assure Health -
At first I thought, could this be really that simple? The TBC platform truly has made this easy and possible for business owners to be empowered as a group and save. A real gamechanger and for our business margins. Just try it !
Joe Spicuzza
Facilities Manager - Orion Entertainment


Step 1

Join or start a Team

Join a Team and pay a small, fully refundable deposit for that Team. This gives confidence to others. (Normally $10-$50)

Step 2

Share it with your Network

We also share it to our Database and sometimes use Paid Ads to build Teams

Step 3

Campaign Ends and we start to negotiate

We negotiate with trusted Vendors to secure the best deal for the Team

Step 4

Deal is struck and finalized

A great price is secured. You pay the balance and then deal directly with the Supplier for delivery.

**Remember – if the Team doesn’t get the numbers to negotiate strongly, or our “Tigers” can’t source a quality supplier and negotiate a worthy deal, any Team Joining Deposits are immediately refunded 100% in full. AND WE GUARANTEE THAT.  Your risk is maybe 5 minutes of your time now to save $$$ or your money back. Does that make good business sense?

No Membership fees and all the hard work of sourcing and negotiation is done for you!

You can even recommend to us your favorite supplier to include in negotiations. They might even benefit from a big parcel of customers at a reduced rate. Negotiations normally conclude in just a few days. You can even customize your purchase beyond the base specifications direct with the vendor to get exactly what you want.

For a LIMITED TIME when you Register, you will receive a code with a $40 credit to use on Team Joining deposits. (Team Joining deposits range from $10-$50 depending on the size of the purchase. * Always 100% refundable if we can't get the Team a great deal.)

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It's like negotiating as if you're a part of a big Chain and easier than you think. Incredible Service.
Fraser Clarke - Independant Cafe Owner

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