Product Shortcodes

CouponSeek uses the Elementor Page Builder for the pages layout. We have created multiple Elementor Widgets that are hand-crafted specifically for the purpose of the theme. All of them feature numerous options and possibilities for customization so that you can fully personalize your pages layout and showcase the deals to your customers. Here is an example of what you can achieve with the theme Product Elementor Widgets.

Products Widgets

CouponSeek uses WooCommerce Products for the Deal and Coupon functionality. We have added a Selected Products and All Products widgets, which you can use to showcase your deals, coupons or products. You can adjust the order of the items, columns, number of items, colors and more.

Products in four columns, ordered by expiration date

Product Categories

We have added multiple Elementor Widgets to show the Products Categories – Categories Grid, Categories List or Category Card. For each widget you can adjust options like colors, spacing, show/hide category. For each category you can also add an SVG icon in its options in the Admin Dashboard.

… plus many more combinations and possibilities.

Category Cards - select the category, adjust the background, set the height and you are done.

Product Companies

CouponSeek supports the WC Vendors plugin to add the Products (Deals) Companies. With the plugin you can assign each deal a company as well as allow users to register as a company and create their own deals. You can also add commission rates for the companies and earn a commission on every sale.

Vendors arranged in a grid in two columns.
Vendors arranged in a grid in three columns, without titles.
Selected Vendors in four columns with titles.