Create your own Buying Team in 5 minutes

Once you register as a Team Manager, you can add the products or services you want to your Account. Simply research and copy/paste some of the Product specifications or details from the web.

  1. Add those details to your product listing.
  2. Add a couple of engaging pictures.
  3. List the RRP and the % or amount you hope to save.
  4. Set the Time Frame of your Campaign so everyone knows the deadline. They then know an approximate delivery date after we negotiate
  5. Start sharing your new Team Deal amongst your friends and we help promote your Network also.
  6. Our TBN negotiators then crunch you and everyone a deal with quality vetted vendors over the subsequent couple of days.
  7. You get a fantastic Deal you most probably couldn’t have secured by yourself. And its all done for you.
Why negotiate alone? Right?

Once again, any deposits are fully refundable if we can’t get your Team a great deal, so there is no credibility lost with your Business Contacts.

Time to reduce costs?
Step 1

Join or start a Network

Join a specific Network and pay a small, fully refundable deposit to give confidence to others. (Normally $10-$50)

Step 2

Share it with your Contacts

We also share it to our Database and sometimes use Paid Ads to build Teams

Step 3

Campaign Ends and we start to negotiate

We negotiate with trusted Vendors to secure the best deal for that Network

Step 4

Deal is struck and finalized

A great price is secured. You pay the balance and then deal directly with the Supplier for delivery.

No Membership fees and all the hard work of sourcing and negotiation is done for you!

You can even recommend to us your favorite supplier to include in negotiations. They might even benefit from a big parcel of customers at a reduced rate. Negotiations then happen in just a few days. You can then customize your purchase beyond the base specifications direct with the vendor to get exactly what you want.

For a LIMITED TIME when you Register, you will receive a code with a $40 credit to use on Network Joining deposits. (Often $10-$50 depending on the size of the purchase)

Open a FREE Account and take a look around
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