Category: General Team Buying FAQs

We are a group of Tech Entrepreneurs, MBA’s, CPA’s, and Digital Marketers who are both Ex Big Brands and Ad Agencies. We are supported by an amazing Finance Team, and of course our “Tigers”! Our Tigers come from various parts of the Procurement space. Whether Wholesale Negotiators, Government Procurement Officers, Equipment Auctioneers, IT Managers, and of course even some from the Hard n’ Fast world of Pawn Brokers. Procurement is a science in itself, and so we also totally respect our Suppliers. We work hard to also understand their needs and what is both acceptable and what supports their businesses and cashflows.

And you know what? Our Suppliers love us too. We bring forward cashflow with bulk deals quickly, we fill Planes, Fleet Auto workshops, give Suppliers a bunch of new customers at once, and allow Suppliers to get stock out of the way for new stock arrivals.

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